Idle Time Monitor

System Uptime Monitor 1.3

System Uptime Monitor 1.3: Monitor Windows uptime, Programs run, and Windows User login history time and duration. System Uptime Monitor key features: 1)Windows uptime tracking Shows current Windows uptime and idle time Shows total Windows uptime, total downtime, total idle time Shows highest Windows uptime recorded Shows total number of times computer was turned on, turned off and times when computer crashed Shows computer`s last turn-off time, and time when it was turned on Allows to browse and filter Windows uptime, downtime and idle time

Work Time Monitor 1.02: Keeps track of the time spent working on the computer and generates time reports
Work Time Monitor 1.02

Time Monitor is a free application that keeps track of the time spent working on the computer and automatically generates time reports, allowing you to easily calculate your monthly work time. Work Time Monitor logs your work start and end times automatically by measuring the active and idle durations over a 24 hour period. It is suitable for use with desktop computers, which are idle during non-work hours. Portable computers, which may sometimes

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AutoShutdown 1.2.45: Shutdown your computer automatically at a time period you choose.
AutoShutdown 1.2.45

time. *Hot Keys Setting: Defined hot keys for: Shutdown, Close Screen, Lock Workstation, Standby and Hibernate actions. Provides quick access to each of these actions! *Close Screen: Close your computer`s screen. Save the monitor`s life and power cost! *Idle Time Monitor: Monitor when a system is idle to perform an action. Provides both security and power cost savings! Key Features: Time Setting - Set a specified amount of time or the exact date

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Time Monitor 1.2.6: Time Monitor is parental control software designed to limit kids computer time
Time Monitor 1.2.6

Time Monitor v1.2.6 for Windows is parental control software designed to limit the time your kids spend using a computer. Time Monitor puts you in control of deciding when they can log on and for how long. Time Monitor is easy to use, free to try, and runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 Time Monitor features include: * Limit computer time to only so many hours per day * Schedule time limits in 1/2 hour increments * Force logoff at designated

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Timer ScreenSaver 1.0: Timer ScreenSaver to display digital countdown timer, idle time and save screen
Timer ScreenSaver 1.0

Timer ScreenSaver to track idle time on your computer, save computer screen by turning it off, and much more. The Timer ScreenSaver works on Windows Operating System (Windows XP, Vista and even Windows 7). The Timer Screensaver can turn off multiple monitors connected to a computer and will not turn off only primary screen of the computer. All secondary monitors would be turned off as well after the idle time configured in Timer ScreenSaver settings

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Auto Shutdown Pro II Automation shutdown scheduler/launcher. Saves your computer, electricity & money
Auto Shutdown Pro II

This software is a computer management tool, that will double the life expectancy of a computer while saving electricity. It handles shutdowns, sleeps, mouse or keyboard idle, power on, restarts, log off, locks, hibernation or turning off the monitor. It launches or terminates programs, opens files or URLs. Scheduled triggers are time, duration as a countdown of time, busy, idle, heat, power, mouse or keyboard idle or blocked time.

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Terminal Services Log 1.1: Terminal services log logs terminal sessions on Microsoft and Citrix
Terminal Services Log 1.1

IDLE time Active time Disconnected session time Connection end (date and hour) Status Analyze data Data is captured every minute into Access database and then it is analyzed. As you know user sessions state change can occur every minute so we must be prepared to capture user idle time. Based on user activity time, calculations include active and idle time. This is only application that you can use to monitor users session states and report terminal

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